Are you...

  • Ready to attract the love you deserve
  • Ready to create deep emotional and sexual intimacy and connection
  • Ready to get clear on what you REALLY want
  • Ready to cultivate massive self love
  • Ready to put yourself and your needs first and communicate them with ease and grace
  • Ready to feel radiant, confident, and expansive (and orgasmic, yes it gets to be that good!)

Can you imagine how you will feel when...

  • The relationship with yourself is filled with deep acceptance, compassion, love and celebration, for all that you are
  • You own your feelings and what you truly desire to create in your love life
  • You feel safe when speaking up about what is important to you
  • You are having rich conversations with men on your dating journey
  • Your love life is unfolding in a way that feels deeply connected, healthy, intimate and exciting

I know what you’re thinking... I asking for too much?

I get it. I really, really do.

I used to be where you are right now…

Always giving myself such a hard time

Downplaying how I was feeling

Second guessing myself and my needs

Playing small to fit in

Pleasing others in the hope for love and recognition

I too used to have a lot of limiting beliefs around love.

The biggest one was that I thought I wasn’t worthy of love.

Earlier love had left me feeling like I was too much, too successful, too sensual, too needy or too outspoken.

For too long I thought I had to give up the idea of having a fulfilling relationship

So my love life became about tuning in to what others needed, and how I could fit in.

My career was going from strength to strength

But in my love life I was always wondering what part of me to give up, in the quest for love.

Once I took radical responsibility for what I wanted in my love life and when I committed to changing my limiting thoughts that were holding me back, and when I gave myself permission to own ALL that I am and how I wanted to feel in a romantic relationship, things started to shift.

And then I met my partner, the love of my life David.

I am SO happy that I decided, 6 years ago, to put myself, my wants, my needs and my dreams FIRST.

And I want the same for you.

I don’t want it to take you nearly as long as it took me to choose yourself, to speak up about what is important to you and to attract and keep the kind of love that you deeply desire.

This is why I created


UNMUTED is an activation of self expression so that you can shift the way you attract, connect, and show up in you love life by dialling up your emotional and sexual truth.

For women who are ready to give themselves permission to activate what already exists within

Next enrolment: 5th of June

UNMUTED is an intimate group experience based on holistic coaching, mentoring, movement, and embodied practices.

If there is one thing that I have learned as I turned around my love life is that in order to experience deep transformation, you need to move your body and your mind.

This is why UNMUTED is made up of carefully designed experiences in the form of coaching, mentoring, Vinyasa Yoga, breathwork, tantra, and intuitive reading – all created to build the most important foundation of all when it comes to creating fulfilling relationships, the relationship with yourself.

And that journey starts from within.

Step into UNMUTED to open up your mind, your heart, body and mind.

Over 8 weeks we will dive into

Volume 1 – Crystal clear clarity: Creating the new starts from within

When it comes to attracting your ideal partner, you must dare to dream so that you can become really clear on what you want. I will help you get crystal clear on the vision that you have for your next level self, how you want to feel in romantic relationships and how to align with your person so that you can create something special and beautiful in your love life all whilst building the most important relationship of all, the relationship you that have with yourself, so that you feel worthy and confident in knowing that what you want, wants you.

Volume 2 – Free your mind: Muting your inner critic and the stories holding you back 

Your inner voice can either empower you to go for what you want or be the reason that stops you from having the relationship you deserve. Learn how to mute your inner critic, re-take control of your thoughts, break the cycle of self-sabotage by choosing to step into your most empowered self by becoming aware of your internal messages and learn how to nurture a kind, loving, and compassionate inner dialogue moving you into the direction that your heart desires.

Volume 3 – Building an inner foundation of your most empowered self: Nurture a positive self-image, increase your self esteem and amplify your self believe 

Get unstuck by befriending and calling home all the parts of you through a loving and safe journey of self-discovery helping you develop a new story that serves you, supports you, celebrates you, and empowers you to be the woman that you aspire to be by giving yourself space to create what you need, emotionally, as you awaken your most authentic self by embracing who you are and who you are becoming.

Volume 4 – Embracing a new way of being: Step into alignment, abundance, trust, and vulnerability

When was the last time you felt turned on by life? When did you feel like you were on fire? When did you feel like you were completely aligned in body and mind? Now that you are aware of your internal world we will activate your inner warrioress by authentic self-expression, embracing your inner powers, raising your vibration, bringing forward abundance, and creating choices by embodying your true divine self in a way that feels safe, aligned, inspirational and fun.

Volume 5 – Connect to your nourishing inner lover: Cultivating life-changing self-love and self-care 

Learn how to cultivate intimate feelings of self-love by dialing up your ability to mindfully listen to yourself, your inner nudges, and your needs. Give yourself the gift of treating yourself, with deep love, compassion, and ease as you build an unshakable foundation of self as you support yourself in this human experience here on earth. Allow yourself to feel your feelings as you meet yourself deeper, whilst feeling safe and without emotional overwhelm.

Volume 6 – Becoming magnetic: Embracing your feminine energy

Expand your capacity to create what you desire in your love life by fully stepping into your power of saying YES to what you want from your body, your heart and from your p$ssy. Now, this is JUICY! Call in what you want with ease through embracing your feminine energy and cultivating flow and creativity through taking responsibility for the energy you create with your newfound knowledge of self, what you stand for and what is important to you. Activating your inner goddess and becoming magnetic starts here.

Volume 7 – Liberate your sexual self: Awaken your sexual self and your sexual energy 

Sexual assertiveness is a whole-hearted approach to getting what you desire and by having an honest conversation with yourself first about your wants, needs, and desires you are in a much better place to have a conversation with someone else. Get in touch with your desires as we create a safe and fun environment of sexual honesty, authenticity, and playfulness so that you can learn all about what truly turns your own, how to communicate it, and form boundaries to allow you to navigate your sexual liberation journey and embodying your sexual truth.

Volume 8 – From clarity to connection: How to nourish individuality and togetherness in a relationship

By knowing the key components of a connection, your relationships, with yourself and others, will become so much deeper, real and more fulfilling. Moment to moment we can either choose love or fear so learn how to stay open-hearted as you navigate dating, healthy relationships and how to consistently make choices that excite you and turn you on, all whilst combating unhealthy habits and embracing and enjoying your new way of living and loving your person.


You will get access to:

  • 8 X Weekly Live Group Session with Asa Baav (120 minutes)
  • Access to Tantric Self Love Rituals by Asa Baav
  • 2 X Live Breathwork Sessions
  • 2 X Live Vinyasa Yoga Sessions
  • 1 X Personal Intuitive Reading
  • 8 X Group Intuative Readings


Build rich connections with the other courageous women in this program through accessing our Private Whatsapp Group.

Access to workbooks and journaling prompts to support your journey

BONUS – Access The Trigger Zone – How to Regulate Your Nervous System and Turn Off Anxiety


All calls will be held on Zoom and will be recorded.

The Live Group Calls will be held on Sundays between 6 – 8 pm GMT

Your personal intuitive reading will be sent to you as you start your journey

The group readings will be sent to you as the new chapter is introduced

The 2 X Live Vinyasa Yoga will be held on Monday at 7.30 pm – dates to be shared once you join.

The 2 X Live Breathwork will be held on Monday at 7.30 pm – dates to be shared once you join.

AND sign up before the 30th of April and get a 90 minute 1-2-1 coaching session with Asa!


Hi! I’m Asa Baav, I initiate women around the world to become powerful creators in their love life by ending relationship self sabotage for good.

I help women come back to their soul truth through authentic self-expression and deep coaching combined with embodied practices, mentoring and guidance from a place of truly knowing that life changing transformations begin when we decide that we deserve MORE

Over the last 6 years I have gone from plunging myself into hard work at the expense of everything, neglecting myself and my needs, not allowing myself to feel, attracting the wrong type of men in my life and self-sabotaging in relationships.

To now attract, keep and grow love in a way that is healthy, fulfilling and deeply satisfying

Before I started my own journey I remember feeling SO DONE with

  • Attracting men who didn't want to commit
  • Settling in relationship
  • Not being able to express my wants and needs

And one day I made the decision that things was going to change

And guess what?

It’s everything we hoped for and more.

It’s been a wild and wonderful and utterly unforgettable ride.

Because I decided it would be.

And I want the same for you.

This is why I have taken all that I have learned and created this program and I can’t wait to share this space with you.


Isik Tlabar

Isik is an empowerment coach and breathwork facilitator directing people to their purpose and power

Lilli Leon Beadle

Lilli is an artist, doula, holistic coach, psychic and overall healer and a channel for the Divine to flow

Caroline Atkinson

Caroline is a qualified yoga instructor helping people take ownership for how they feel mentally and physically through moving their body

Are you ready to learn how to profoundly accept, love and celebrate yourself?

You are in the right place


Investment £888 


Pay in 2 easy installments £444

Not sure if this is for you?

Book a compatibility call with Asa to explore more about our personal coaching program Set Yourself Free


Frequently asked questions

Breathwork is a powerful way of releasing heaviness, emotional blocks, release any stuck emotions or stagnant energy and anything else you no longer need, bringing you back home to your essence.Through using the breath movement, you will be guided into a deeper connection with your body and yourself.

Vinyasa Yoga is a moving meditation linking the breath with a flowing sequence of poses to help still the mind and reconnect with the body. The sequences are designed to move and twist in a way that feels strong and nourishing to release tension we are holding and allow the energy to flow.

From an intuitive reading you will receive clarity, confirmation, empowerment and inspiration that will assist you on your unique journey of self love, purpose and soul healing.

An intuitive reading doesn’t necessarily tell you the future (although it can provide clues) but it serves more as a snapshot of the subconscious energies at play and how they are affecting us both on a micro and macro level as a collective. It is a form of direct communication to the Divine and help us gain deeper insight and inner-understanding of our subconscious patterns and spiritual wellbeing and how they are affecting us and our daily lives.

An intuitive reader basically takes a ‘photo’ of the energy behind the scenes and acts as a translator; using their own spiritual gifts and direct and personal connection to Spirit to provide an overview of the interwoven energies and timelines. A reader channels what can be often complex, multidimensional information in a way that’s relatable, practical and informal. The recipient is then able to take the information and make more informed and empowered decisions in their life.

Full participation is recommended, but all our sessions are recorded and will be sent to you 24 hours after the live session

We are glad you asked. Confidently is at the heart of everything that I do and rest assured that I do my upmost to create a safe, welcoming and warm space for shares, questions and reflections

Yes, the content is child friendly – however, as we talk about relationships and intimacy and dig deeper into our emotional inner journeys I would advise that you to create a space where you can listen, interact and ask questions without feeling that you have to hold back. And, occasional swearing does happen!

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