Asa Baav is a Women’s dating, relationship, and intimacy coach, tantra teacher, matchmaker, and founder of Tailor Matched

David Chambers is a Men’s dating, relationship and intimacy coach, tantra teacher and host of the Podcast “The Authentic Man With David Chambers”.

Together as couples relationship and intimacy coaches, they encourage couples to invest in their love life, which they themselves embody through raw communication, a hunger for learning and prioritising our inner work as a way to grow as individuals and together as a couple.

After initially meeting through David’s podcast in 2019 they instantly connected through the freedom of being able to speak openly about what mattered to them both inside and outside the bedroom, and with the understanding that they desired to bring all of who they are into a relationship and build a union in a conscious, authentic and passionate way.


Relating in this way became important to them both as their previous love lifes were fueled by fear of commitment and abandonment of self and what they truly wanted and needed.

Few things could be as important to your happiness as a relationship that satisfies through and through, and a healthy and fulfilling love life, intimacy, and the meeting of two minds through open communication is key to how we show up for each other.

This is why as coaches (and as a couple) we work with couples who desire to enrich their relationship by working with us 1-2-1 as well as together to embody an emotional, physical, and sexual transformation and access our tools to introduce new ways to communicate, connect and grow together and individually.

We offer a powerful combination of coaching, mentoring and embodiment to guide you towards your desired outcome

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