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Unclaimed Love: For the woman who is ready to attract the love she desires

a 90 day journey to consciously create your love life


reclaiming your inner power + stepping into your truth + owning who you are and what you want unapologetically

= Real Results

If you have landed here because you are ready to turn your vision into reality and learn how to collapse the timeline of having it

You are in the right place

Does this sound like you?

  • You are ready to own the next chapter of your love life but your inner saboteur tells you that you are asking for too much which makes you doubt yourself and your choices
  • You keep attracting unavailable men who aren’t able to give you what you need emotionally, sexually, and spiritually leaving you to question if the love you want is even possible for you
  • You have put others first your whole life, be it work commitments, partners, or children but the time has come to honor what YOU want and need in life and in love
  • You find yourself stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage where old patterns keep coming up, pushing healthy love away or settling for way less than you deserve
  • You want to build a future with a man who is ready to co-create a deeply connected relationship but find yourself feeling unworthy of this kind of relationship


I want you to know that the love you desire is possible for you, and I’m going to show you how…

Trust me, over 84% of my 1:1 clients started a relationship within 12 months of working with me

I am going to say it again, over 84% of my 1:1 clients started a relationship within 12 months of working with me


If you want this for you, lets dive in

What’s included

The Powerful Creator Portal (worth £1,950)

A 90 day journey to reclaim your power and attract in the love you want

Learn how to become a powerful creator by dissolving your limiting beliefs and narratives that have held you back in the past so that you can nurture new empowering and expansive beliefs that support your inner growth journey and the love life you desire.

The Powerful Creator Portal is broken down into three parts and contains easy-to-integrate videos, workbooks, journal prompts, meditations, and practices.

Part 1.

Day 1-30: YOUR POWER

Discover your personal power and how to harness it to create what your heart deeply desires to create in your love life, and beyond


This is where you are going to look at
  • How to step into conscious powerful creations
  • Setting the foundation of what you’d love to create in your love life
  • Deep awareness of the stories holding you back
  • How to step into your personal power

Part 2.


End relationship self-sabotage once and for all by understanding the beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you and how to create new ones that will empower the future you want


This is where you are going to look at
  • Your unconscious beliefs and how they manifest in your love life
  • Letting go of the stories holding you back to that you can create the new
  • Liberating yourself from your inner critic
  • Creating new empowering beliefs

Part 3.


Finally, this is the really juicy part. Embody the version of you that is already living the reality that you see for yourself and become a powerful creator and manifestor. Creating aligned choices that serve you made easy.


This is where you are going to look at
  • Embodying your next-level self
  • Aligning with what your heart deeply desires to create in love and in life
  • Reclaiming your feminine power in love
  • Stepping into powerful creations as the women that you are becoming so you can consciously create the new


The Dating Edition (worth £555)

Filled with 18+ workshops, workbooks, journal sequences, and embodiment sessions this is all you need to know about master modern dating, meet highly compatible men, and become an energetic match for what your heart deeply desires.

You’ll get access to:

  • Cultivating an elevated dating mindset
  • Workbook & Embodiment Practice: Become an energetic match to the love you desire and speed up your manifestation
  • The power of vulnerability as you consciously create the emotional depth you desire
  • Workshop: How boundaries will help you create safer, sexier, and more connected relationships
  • Workshop: How to make dating apps work for you
  • Masterclass: How to create a consious relationship
  • Workshop: The art of deep connection
  • Workshop: Cultivating emotional resilience – the secret ingredient to cultivating change
  • Workshop: How to own your sexual desires in dating
  • Meditation Practice: Calling in your ideal partner
  • Embodiment Practice: Open for connection,
  • Embodiment Practice: Love and magnetism, draw your desires toward you with ease
  • Workbook: What are boundaries and how do I set them?
  • Workbook: My relationship needs
  • Workbook: Owning your sexual desires
  • Workbook: Open for connection, activate the power of your heart desires
  • Yoga Practice: Letting the heart lead the way – a hip and heart-opening yoga flow

What other fierce woman have created since working with me

Camilla joined my world wanting to co-create a physically, spiritually, and mentally connected relationship. After our journey of letting go of old heartache, releasing an an-off connection going nowhere, permitting herself to own what she wants in her love life, embodying her feminine energy, leading from the heart instead of her overthinking mind, and healing the not-enoughness from her relationship with her father she started to attract a COMPLETELY different caliber of man. And I just found out that her and her man made it official over the weekend. yay!

Nathalie who had struggled to connect with men she desired, had finally met her person which made her happy, but also left her crippled with anxiety by the fear of losing this man she knew she could create something really special with. The majority of our work was understanding the anxious/avoidant dynamic in her relationship and how to create the relationship success they both knew they were capable of, creating a self-soothing practice to come back to herself, and learning to consciously communicate what she wants and needs. Her newfound strong and loving relationship with herself left her feeling more grounded, calm, and secure allowing her to choose trust, which paid off because they are now getting married in May next year, and just moved in together. 

Mirella was in the middle of a divorce when we first connected, knowing that the marriage was not just unfulfilling but had vastly stifled her growth in her career and the life she wanted to lead outside the relationship leaving her feeling really disconnected. Navigating the breakup with love, respect, and clarity she left her marriage and embarked on a liberating journey emotionally and sexually of finding who she is, what she wants, and how she wanted to feel and for the first time daring to dream about the life she always wanted. This resulted in her not just attracting her new relationship, but traveling the world, moving to a new country, and immersing herself in hobbies, community and experiences that reflected the happy, bubbly self that she had not connected with in a long time.


Pay in full and access Unclaimed Love for £333Pay in 3 instalments of £148 x 3Pay in 12 instalments of £37 x 12

Joining Unclaimed Love gives you lifetime access to the content within The Powerful Creator Portal and the content available in The Dating Edition PLUS all the upgrades that we continuously make in this space

Does it feel like a yes but Have some questions? Contact ASa and the team at [email protected]

It’s time to kiss goodbye to the self-sabotaging patterns that are holding you back and embody the version of you that gets what (and who) she wants in her love life, and beyond.

This space has been created to help you radically shift who you attract and how you show up in your love life — in a very doable way.

Psst. I’ll let you in on a secret, this work is much bigger than finding a man, this is a journey about coming home to your most empowered and liberated self

About Asa Baav

Asa Baav is a leading dating, relationship, and intimacy coach who initiates women to become powerful creators in their love life, and beyond.

Her love life was the absolute last thing she wanted to focus on, but after hitting her career goals and smashing through her 6 figure salary she felt a deep longing to share the life she had worked so hard to create with someone, but not just anyone.

Past dating and relationship stories were filled with self-sabotage, attracting unavailable partners and settling for way less than she wanted, so after turning around her own love life she decided to once and for all prioritize herself and what she wanted – which led her to start her own inner work journey.

2 years into her journey she met the love of her life, David, and has over the last 5 years empowered women to consciously create and grow conscious relationships.

With over 84% of her 1:1 clients starting a relationship within 12 months of working together she asked herself how she could share her method with more women who were ready to take charge of their love life and attract a conscious partner – which is how this space was born

Asa shares what works, and this space is filled with her core teachings whilst supporting, guiding, and empowering you to step into the limitless possibility of creating everything your heart desires in your love life, and beyond.

Sign-up now and start making powerful decisions and aligned action from a big, bold, expansive place of what’s possible for you.


Amanda went from questioning her worth, having lost faith in meeting the one, and constant comparison of others to instead loving herself fiercely, embracing the woman that she is, and attracting a wonderful man (the first healthy relationship she’s ever had)

Anna went from not trusting herself and overthinking constantly to now following her intuition, letting go of control and instead inviting in more flow, connection, and communication and fiercely owning what she wants and speaking up about what she needs

Oliva went from feeling mentally, emotionally, and energetically drained from always questioning her decision and attracting the wrong men to instead navigating her love life from a place of trust, clarity, and confidence of what she wants (and that it can happen) whilst feeling nurtured and empowered in her relationship with herself.


This is for women who are ready to consciously create thier love life, make their vision a reality, and collapse the timeline of having it.

If you are ready to re-write your love story, reclaim your power, gain deep awareness around what is holding you back, and how to consciously create the new so that you can embody your next-level self already living that reality you see for yourself then this is for you.

We serve a community of busy women and have made sure that everything is easy to access, digest, and embody. On average members spend 15-60 minutes a week attending to content available in this journey.

You will have life time access to all content available in this course. We have set this out as a 90 day journey as momentum is really important in creating the new, but understand that everyone has different time commitments.

You will also access all updates that we will make to this course.

No. This is a 90 day commitment not only with us but more importantly with yourself.

For deeper support, you can upgrade to The Immersive Experience for only £777 and the VIP experience for only £1,400.

Asa’s 1:1 90 day coaching packages start from £2,950 so this is a fantastic way to get the most value out of Asa’s teaching, coaching, and mentoring.

As there is so much goodness to access within these spaces you have been given lifetime access* to The Powerful Creator Portal and The Dating Edition. Change requires momentum as it is about practicing being in alignment with the woman we are becoming, with that in mind we highly recommend committing to completing the 90 day journey within The Powerful Creator within the stated timeframe. We do however honor that everyone has different time commitments outside this work so find your flow whilst leaning into this experience wholeheartedly.

*Lifetime access counts as 2 years within Asa Baav LTD.

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