My name is Asa Baav and I am a leading dating, intimacy, and relationship coachI am on a mission to help busy professionals create deeply satisfying romantic relationships, inside and outside the bedroom - no matter where they are in their dating and relationship journey.I work with women who are ready to step into their truth unapologetically and form deeply satisfying relationships with themselves and others.I attract and navigate love in a way that feels healthy, happy and wholesome and always with a glint in my eye, cheekiness in my smile and a playfulness to attract my desires and communicate my needs.I have forged a life of authenticity.How you can achieve fulfilment in your life is what I want to explore with you.

My journey

I worked towards professional dizzy heights in the world of Public Relations and I achieved, beyond my wildest dreams.

But at the top of my career I realised all of the climbing towards success, money and status was a miserable substitute for a void inside.

For 10 years I had plunged myself into hard work and striving at the expense of everything.

I lived outside of my relationships too busy to step in, neglecting them – including the relationship with myself.

On the top of my career, I looked out seeing the world in all of its beauty, I saw the years, experiences and love that had slipped away between my fingers as if for the first time in my life and I fell and I kept falling, and falling and falling.

With my feet back on solid ground I walked away from the life and fulfilment I thought that money would give me, a life of striving and climbing and I chose to heal my heart; allow the neglected self to have her say and choose her way.

My business evolved as a result of my own life journey and a constant emptiness. Years of therapy, coaching and self-development helped me to express my true desires surprisingly they involved playfulness, naughtiness and a craving for real, deep connections.

In my openness, my sharing I met people like you whose life felt void of complete authenticity and I made it my mission to help.

You wouldn’t be here if you were living your best life would you?

I have sat where you are now.

I have gone from attractive the wrong men in my life, believing I was unworthy of love, masking misery with alcohol, a body dysmorphia developed in my younger years, dabbled in drugs to exert confidence, and I faced up to all of that pain, in favour of loving experiences and naked freedom.

I have developed an erotic, inner peace and quiet but strong confidence to be me, unapologetically.

I’m in charge of me, just as you can be in charge of your life.

It takes bravery to own what you want and need, but it’s SO liberating when you do. Trust me.

Asa x

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