Client Love

Working with Asa has been the kindest gift to myself.

After years of various talk therapies, I had a deep yearning to release complex past trauma, self-doubt, and trust issues.

From our very first meetings, I felt safe, supported, and understood. She provided a space to guide me toward articulating a clear vision of a future I truly desire, not clouded by fear, worry, and insecurity. It has been an honest, challenging, and beautiful journey.

I am now choosing myself fully, for the first time in my life! I have been stepping into new daily practices with a new confidence and an open heart, vulnerability and radical truth from a place of what I need.

I also met a wonderful partner along the way, and I am finally not afraid to ask for what I want in a romantic relationship.
Kara, London

During my time with Asa I was able to open myself up to the possibility of meeting a kind, committed and emotionally available man. And now, for the first time in my life I am in a healthy relationship and I feel so happy about how we are consciously creating our relationship.

I’m so content with the woman I am today and as a result I have started to love myself. I am now embracing all that I am instead of comparing myself to others.

I know my worth and it feels amazing. I can’t believe I ever doubted myself.
Melanie, Brighton

Working with Asa has had such an amazing impact on me and my overall sense of calm and wellbeing by helping me to rewrite the scripts I’ve been living by in my life and in my relationship.

I’ve learned to trust myself, my intuition and my body and I am now in flow with the present moment, as I have been able to let go of over thinking and trying to control outcomes.

I’m now approaching life through a lens of abundance and really allowing myself to fully own the life and relationship I want by thinking BIG and allowing myself to be excited about things going well, not living in fear and waiting for things to go wrong or making unhelpful choices that allow those old patterns to play out.
Anna, London

One month after working together Asa helped me say goodbye to a connection that didn’t serve me, and 8 months in I met my beautiful partner!

Asa has really empowered me to understand that I have agency in my life and my choices.

She offered me a safe place to explore my limiting beliefs, to challenge them, and to work on creating a vision for what I want in my life and my relationships.

I feel much more invested in myself and in nurturing myself. I now know my self-worth and have finally stepped out of a scarcity mindset that held me back for so long and I am now really excited for the future!

Working with Asa is a gift to one’s self. She is an excellent guide who will help you on your path, wherever you are right now. The awareness and empowerment she offers is steady and real and really loving.
Ann, NYC

She gives you the tools to feel empowered in your own life, and healthy relationships are just one of the many knock-on effects from that!

Before I came to Asa I was struggling with unsureness of myself and my decisions leading me to feel mentally, emotionally, and energetically drained. 

I was also struggling to find the connections that I desired – either attracting emotionally unavailable partners or not feeling attracted to men who were showing up.

I now feel nourished in my life and free in my choices. I have trust in myself and my decisions leading to a steadiness in how I approach connections, no longer overstaying when something doesn’t feel aligned.

I’m able to take action quicker, with more inner peace, and clarity!

Asa brings wise big sister energy, creates a safe space to work through challenging topics. She listens in a non-judgemental way and reflects back the stories you hold that running the show, that you may not be aware of. 

She brings structure and professionalism, but also playfulness. She helps you to recognise that the most important relationship is the one with yourself and how to nurture that relationship.
Oliva, Summerset

I have previously invested in myself in terms of career coaching but had never invested in myself in terms of professional support around dating. I am really glad I took this part of my life seriously enough to invest in it and would recommend it to anyone!

Before working with Asa I had no problem meeting men but was not meeting the kind of men that I wanted to build on long-lasting relationships with. As a result, I felt really negative about myself, and dating, and had started to doubt that I could have the relationship I wanted.After working with Asa I feel positive about myself, more comfortable being single and more optimistic about finding the right person for me.

She has really helped me find more joy in just being myself, as I am, and helped me explore what I want from relationships and the life I want to create with someone.I now know that I can find someone really incredible and that I deserve that kind of love.
Ruth, London