An 8 week program to heal your inner good-girl-people-pleaser so that you can end self abandonment and start to live the freedom of being you, unapologetically.

For the woman who is ready to discover the magic of putting herself first and call in her ideal partner and create new depths of love in her chosen relationship by living her truth. Join the waiting list here


Yup, this is the ultimate gift of self-love, to give yourself the chance to experience your life as your most authentic self without the fears of “too muchness” running the show

Embrace the truth of your heart

Embody the power of you

Express your true essence

Because the moment you choose yourself everything changes, and when your true path is unveiled

This 8 week journey will help you break free of false self-limitations and uplevel yourself and your love life from a place of inner confidence, personal power and self-belief.
This is the stepping stone to creating everything you ever wanted, your way.

For the woman who is ready to give themselves a f***ing break and embody that part of themselves that they KNOW is more than enough.

Ready to live the truth of your heart?

What Unapologetic Women have created since working with me

Annie went from low confidence, being closed off to men and feeling unworthy of love to navigating her love life with curiosity acceptance and trust, knowing her worth and feeling inspired about her future

Rebecca went from second-guessing herself and self-sabotaging in her love life to standing in her power, connecting deeper with herself and attracting a beautiful partner (they have just celebrated 1 yr together)

Kara went from always settling in relationships and abandoning herself for love to now communicating her yes’s and no’s with confidence, taking up space, and creating her future based on what she needs in a relationship


Trusting yourself, your choices, and your inner wisdom is the liberation you’ve been waiting for


is led by me Asa Baav, a woman who broke free of her own perceived limitations and created herself, her life, and her relationship by saying f***k no to people pleasing and f***k yes to taking her power back.

Are you

  • Constantly on edge wondering if you have done something wrong?
  • An expert at giving others what they need but find it hard to know what you want?
  • Always expecting things to go wrong?
  • Second-guessing yourself at every turn?
  • Jumping to (negative) conclusions that always make you wonder when everything is falling apart?
  • Acting out in romantic relationships due to catastrophic thinking?
  • In need of constant reassurance from others?

Do you

  • Feel guilty for putting yourself first?
  • Feel needy simply by asking your basic needs to be met?
  • Struggle to measure up to your own (unrealistic) expectations?
  • Become anxious in romantic relationships, when in other areas you feel confident?
  • Hide in your relationship because putting yourself first makes you feel like a burden?
  • Over-explain yourself trying to protect yourself from confrontation?
  • Live constantly live in a reactive state trying to second guess your partner?

About Asa Baav

I have been there, for most of my life actually

Until I became beyond exhausted trying to keep up this BS facade that had unconsciously been created from a place of proving my worth in the hope that someone would love me

As an anxious attached powerful woman with abandonment wounds my love life was the absolute last thing I wanted to focus on, but after hitting my career goals, getting the job title, and earning my 6 figure salary I (reluctantly may I add) started to look at the shit show that was my love life way back when before I started doing inner work.

For as long as I can remember I have been second-guessing my every decision and my future, it started when I was a little girl worrying about where in 15 years’ time would put the key to my locker in high school so that I didn’t lose it. (as I said, I’ve been an over-thinker all my life. Well, until I decided to end that partner once and for all)

To be fair, what my not-believing-I-was-good-enough-pattern did give me was being extremely competitive and a hell of a business woman.

I was FLYING in my career, my god I was on board(s) yes plural, councils, directorships, charities…..

But at the expense of my own health, happiness, and well… sanity.

At the age of 30 I had a breakdown, and my life as I knew it changed forever

I didn’t know it then, but this was my awaking to the woman I am now

Through inner work, I have been given a second chance to life and I decided to make it my mission to empower women around the world to take their power back because what is the point of thriving when you can’t give yourself the gift of living what you work so hard at creating, and have no one to share it with.

  • Live your truth so that you can fully step into the empowered woman you know you can be
  • Feel safe in your body so that you can let life in rather than shut it down
  • Connect deeply with your authentic self so that you can consciously create your love life
  • End self abandonment so that you can make space for what you deeply desire
  • Make decisions that serve you so that you can create a deeply fulfilling relationship
  • Create healthy relationship dynamics so that you can nurture and co-create a relationship where you both feel seen, heard and understood
  • Express your needs with confidence so that you can honor what is important to you and feel GOOD in your chosen relationship
  • Boost your self-esteem so that you can feel empowered and liberated as the woman that you are
    Trust yourself and your decisions so that you can create alignment in your love life
  • Own your boundaries so that you can feel confident in your self expression and the path you are creating
    Regulate your emotions so that you can nurture yourself with love make conscious choices that serve your future
  • Tap into your feminine intuition so that you can become magnetic and draw what you desire towards you with ease
  • Give yourself a f*ck break and start to celebrate the woman that you are and actually LIVE life feeling happy, loved and content

What Unapologetic Women have created since working with me

Amanda went from questioning her worth, having lost faith in meeting the one, and constant comparison of others to instead loving herself fiercely, embracing the woman that she is, and attracting a wonderful man (the first healthy relationship she’s ever had)

Oliva went from feeling mentally, emotionally, and energetically drained from always questioning her decision and attracting the wrong men to instead navigating her love life from a place of trust, clarity, and confidence of what she wants (and that it can happen) whilst feeling nurtured and empowered in her relationship with herself.

Anna went from not trusting herself and overthinking constantly to now following her intuition, letting go of control and instead inviting in more flow, connection, and communication

The Modules

Week 1

How to live the truth of your heart and consciously create your love life.

Through our opening circle, we embark on a commitment ceremony, a profound way to align our subconscious and conscious minds as we connect with the deepest desires of our hearts. Through shadow work, we delve into the journey of awakening our authentic selves and navigating our inner world by looking at our relationship with self-worth and self-esteem and forming empowering beliefs that not only serve us now but breathe life into our next-level self and the visions we long to create. 

Week 2

How to embrace your emotions and let them be the guide to your inner wisdom.

In the sacred dance of self-discovery, we tenderly nurture a relationship with our emotional selves, by embracing the full spectrum of our feelings. Cultivating emotional resilience, we embark on a journey of clarity, unveiling suppressed emotions and welcoming those we yearn to embody. Whilst opening the portal to our inner wisdom and leaning into our inner compass as a guide toward what resonates as true for our authentic selves. As we dissolve the threads of generational emotional patterns, we consciously create space in our bodies to choose ourselves fully. 

Week 3

How to nurture yourself with unconditional love (and actually mean it).

In the journey of embracing the mother archetype, we courageously confront the echoes of the mother wound. This profound exploration reveals the patterns that shape our existence and guides us toward profound healing. Forging a path through the healing of this maternal wound is our gateway to meeting our deepest needs, amplifying self-care, and engaging with the world from a space of profound empowerment. Followed by a deep dive into our self-discovery journey by meeting our inner child, forging a new narrative in the art of self-expression. And we call back our power by healing the not-enoughness wound, this is an invitation to boldly embrace our inner power.

Week 4

How to say yes to yourself and your needs when your default is to put others first.

As we step into our truth, we embark on the journey of reclaiming our voice and nurturing the power of our throat chakra, and embracing the power of owning our “no.” Cultivating natural compatibility by creating a deep understanding of our relationship needs allows us to organically grow together. We will learn how to identify unmet needs, and how to acknowledge the subtle whispers of our desires as a powerful declaration that our authenticity is not only worthy of expression but is the key to unlocking profound connection and growth.

Week 5

How to cultivate the inner confidence to choose you, unapologetically.


Through the Warrioress archetype, we cultivate the courage to fearlessly pursue our visions and embody our next-level self as we create the love life we desire. This is us rising beyond fear, by understanding how the father wound influenced the relationship with our inner power and healing the  “I am not enough” as we cultivate our inner healthy masculine energy and celebrate our inner strength in the pursuit of going for what we want. Recognizing the pivotal role of self-trust and the importance of honoring our boundaries to live a life in alignment with our truest essence.

Week 6

How to be open to love when your inner voice tells you that you are asking for too much.

Journeying through feminine leadership in love and embracing the art of receiving, we activate the heart chakra as the key to the emotional depth that resonates with our deepest desires. A balance that allows you to be fierce and gentle, bold and compassionate in love. This is not just about understanding the blocks to receive, it’s about transcending them, creating ourselves and our life from a place of love. As we embody our healthy feminine energy, we venture into the realm of the wild feminine, a powerful exploration that embraces the untamed, the raw, and the authentic within. This is a narrative of love—a love that transcends fear, a love that emanates from the core of our being and effortlessly drawing in the desires that resonate with our most authentic selves.

Week 7

How to embrace uncertainly and trust the unfolding of the new (when secretly you are scared AF to let go of control)

By wholeheartedly living from an energy of “yes, I am ready to step into the woman I am becoming” Yes, I choose to believe that what I want is possible for me” we enter into a harmonious dance of wisdom and intuition, and learn to navigate the ebbs and flows of life with grace. To find the strength to trust, to create consciously, and to embrace the beautiful, unfolding journey toward our truest and most empowered selves. This is not just about saying “yes” to life; it’s a celebration of embracing the full spectrum of experiences, allowing them to sculpt us into the women we are meant to be.

Week 8

How to consistently make conscious choices that serve you and your future.

Empowering you to make conscious choices that not only serve your present but form a radiant future in your love life we are embodying the Empress archetype to channel her power of owning who she is and what she wants, unapologetically. Guiding you through the path of embodied leadership, where the strength of the masculine meets the grace of the feminine. As we close our journey we harness the power of clarity, courage, and vulnerability so that you can continue to make choices that resonate with your deepest essence, desire, and wisdom. 

The details

8 X Interactive Live Masterclass 120 minutes with Asa

2 X Laser Coaching Sessions with Asa

1 X Breathwork Sessions

Access to Telegram group for momentum, integration, questions, high vibes, and celebrations



UNAPOLOGETIC Starts on the 15th of February

Interactive Masterclass

Thursdays at 7.30 – 9.30 pm 15th, 22nd and 29th February and 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th of March and the 4th of April

Laser Coaching

Wednesday the 27th February at 7.30-8.30 pm
Wednesday the 19th of March at 7.30-8.30 pm


This date with me communicated closer to the time


The interactive masterclasses include a blend of teaching, group coaching, embodiment practices and sharing circle



Pay in full £8882 instalments £4444 instalments £222 X 46 instalments £148 X 612 instalments £74 x 12

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