Are you single or couple and ready to

  • Create a relationship formed by your wants, needs and desires?
  • Dissolve your relationship fears and create a relationship you deeply desire, and radically change your perspective on relationships into one that supports growth?
  • Learn how to turn conflict into connection?
  • Use your relationship for personal and spiritual growth?
  • Nurture deep emotional and sexual intimacy?
  • Create safety, confidence and high levels of communication in your love life?
  • Embody sexual assertiveness and create a thriving sex life?
  • Learn the secrets to keep the spark, playfulness and passion alive in long term relationships?
  • Enhance happiness, direction and longevity in long term relationships?

How it works

  • An opening circle to welcome you and everyone on to this sacred journey, a chance to meet, bond and unite
  • 8x live interactive Zoom session with Asa and David Join us for a 10 minute embodied practice ahead of each session (starts 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time)
  • Two bonus live Q&A's in between sessions
  • Private Whatsapp Group
  • Pre-work leading up to the start date for you to get the maximum impact
  • Pre-recorded material to enhance awareness, love, growth and integration
  • Workbooks and practices to integrate your learnings
  • Closing circle to crystalise your awareness, integrate your learnings and share the love through honouring yourself and our time together

Plus access our bonus material to deepen your learning

  • Self-soothing practices
  • Best practices for non-reactive listening
  • How to holding space for yourself and each other
  • Embodyment practices for self-expression
  • Mindfulness and Presence Practices
  • Journal prompts to enhance the power of vulnerability

BONUS! Sign up before the 30th of June and receive 1 X 60 minutes call with Asa and David (*couples joint call 90 minutes)

Opening circle

To welcome you to our program, we are welcoming you into our sharing circle to connect with the others on this program – we are all friends here. We will embark on a beautiful journey, so this is highly recommended to attend as it will help you to feel safe to open up, share and learn.

Module 1 – Self Immersion

We kick off by focusing on the most important part of relating and relationships, You. We will get to the core of your beliefs about relationships, yourself and others. We are not here to skirt around the edges. We are here to get to the heart of what is holding you back and empower you to create what you deeply desire and your highest belief about yourself, even if you don’t believe it right now.

Module 2 – Creating an expansive relationship

Love can act as the fuel of transformation and be the catalyst for growth. By dissolving your relationship fears, removing blockage and increasing your capacity to be in the end result of what you deeply desire to create in a relationship and then committing to that elevated view, you will gain access to new levels of possibility, belief and trust to embody your relationship potential and depth.

Module 3 – Transformational Communication 

Transform conflict to connection. Saying what is on your mind and what you are feeling can be tremendously scary. Hearing that our partner needs to “talk about something” can set off alarm bells in your mind and body, causing us to fear the worst. But what if you could turn communication into a tool that aids more connection, depth, and intimacy whilst feeling safe, heard, and respected. And get your needs met all while you are both contained in a safe space for listening. 

Module 4 – Initiating newness and depth in long term relationships

There are many misconceptions about what it means to be in a long term relationship, many of which point us in the direction of something that starts as exciting and passionate and ends with something that feels boring, stale and uneventful. And sure, many people choose to live like this, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR truth. In consciously created relationships, excitement is created when we choose to move past what feels uncomfortable at first (read vulnerability) in order to reach new depths, which can only exist when moving through conflict, conditionings, personal growth and other ways that present challenges to the partners in the relationship as they strive for love that is real, authentic and transformational.

Module 5 – Cultivating Deep Passionate Sexual Intimacy

Sexual depth is created when we dare to move beyond our current fears and use this energy to overcome our own perceived limitations, use pleasure as a liberating force of love, and access new levels of consciousness. For the majority of us, talking about sexual desires is unfamiliar territory. We aren’t taught this kind of communication. We are actively discouraged from talking about our sexual desires by a society that has a very narrow definition of sex. This means that we struggle to be sexually assertive with our partners and even to be honest about what we want with ourselves. Through practising recognising what we do and don’t want and learning how to cultivate sexual assertiveness and authentically communicate those desires then, the growth in meaningful connection is exponential.

Module 6 – The Unconventional Foundations of the Strongly Connected Couple

What if we told you that much of what you think makes a relationship work well is completely wrong? Many of us believe, consciously or unconsciously, that relationships should be easy, conflict is bad, our partners should know what we want, and love should happen effortlessly. The truth is that to make your relationships work. You will need structures, an attitude, and an elevated lens to help you overcome the dysfunctional relationship programming that you have received from your parents, socially and Disney movies. To form a strongly connected relationship, you need to embody and wholeheartedly live your inner truth and choose the elevated states of self as you honour your own creation, despite what others may or may not be doing in their relationships.

Module 7 – Keeping the “Spark” alive and Masculine & Feminine Polarity in Relationship

Most people hold the idea that as a relationship matures, the spark of sexual attraction diminishes. We have mems, jokes and even your parents will tell you, “That’s just how it is”. But it’s not true. You can and should be keeping the sexual spark alive in your relationships. When we work on cultivating our healthy Masculine & Feminine energies in our relationships, the results can be positively explosive.

Module 8 – Creating a powerful relationships vision

Love is an active practice, and to create something special, you must commit to co-create a rhythm that flows throughout your entire relationship, the rhythm that creates direction. When you nourish a conscious relationship, it becomes like a fertile ground that gives you the opportunity to reach immense growth, healing, expansion, elevated states of love, pleasure, and a sublime existence inside and outside your relationship. Too often, people don’t want to talk about what they want from the relationship and their vision for it for fear of jinxing it or simply because they have never thought about it, to begin with. Having a vision for your relationship is vital, especially when you are both committed to growth so that as you grow individually and so that your relationship grows with you into something much bigger than the two of you.

About Asa Baav and David Chambers

Through coaching, online programs, and tantra, Asa Baav and David Chambers facilities deep emotional, sexual, and spiritual transformations and guides those yearning to create healthy, enriching, and passionate romantic relationships with themselves and others. 

As a couple, they truly live their work and embody their own teaching through raw communication, passionate love, and hunger for inner work as they grow as individuals and together. 

After initially meeting through David’s podcast in 2019, they instantly connected through the freedom of being able to speak openly about what mattered to them both inside and outside the bedroom, and with the understanding that they desired to bring all of who they are into a relationship and build a union in a conscious, authentic and passionate way. 

Relating in this way became important to them both as their previous love lifes were fueled by fear of commitment and abandonment of self and what they truly wanted and needed.

Working as dating, relationship and intimacy coaches and both building communities to enable others to explore their wants, needs, and desires open up for exciting and explorative conversations at home, which means that we fully embody what they teach, which is never to stop learning about themselves and each other.


You will get access to:

All calls will be held on Zoom and will be recorded

The Live Group Calls will be held on Sundays between 5 – 7 pm GMT – dates below

The Embodied Practices will take place from 6.50-7 pm GMT

The two BONUS live Q&As will take place on the dates below between 7-8 pm GMT

Live Group Calls

Opening Circle Sunday the 4th September 5- 7.30 pm

September – Wednesdays 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th 5– 7 pm
October – Wednesdays 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th 5 – 7 pm

Live Q&A

26th of September 7-8 pm
10th of October 7-8 pm

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