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Attract a conscious man by becoming the most authentic, liberated, and empowered version of you 

Ps. My method has seen 84% of my clients start a relationship with a conscious man within 12 months

That's what I want!

It's time to kiss goodbye to the self-sabotaging patterns that are holding you back...

and embody the version of you that gets what (and who) she wants in her love life, and beyond

Does this sound like you

  • Previous relationships have you second-guessing if you’ll ever find real love
  • You want to own who you are unapologetically but wonder if you are enough for your person and if someone will accept you for who you really are
  • You keep attracting unavailable partners and those who aren’t aligned with what you want
  • You put your love life on the back burner to get ahead in your career but the time has come to reclaim your power in your love life
  • You long for a deeply connected relationship but feel scared to let someone in
  • You are stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and find yourself either pushing love away or settling for way less than you deserve
  • You crave emotional intimacy but find it hard to express your needs, desires, boundaries, and feelings openly
  • You want to build a future with a man who is ready to co-create a deeply connected relationship but find yourself feeling unworthy of this kind of relationship
  • You have a strong desire to be who you are, unapologetically, but find yourself riddled with self-doubt and self-criticism impacting your self-esteem
  • We hear you! The Courageous Woman membership was created for WOMEN LIKE you!


The Courageous Woman is a community of heart centered women on a journey of self liberation all the while manifesting a conscious partner and creating deeper connections than ever before

Surround yourself with women on your wavelength who can hold deep, vulnerable, and powerful conversations that hold you to your highest potential in love

This is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to attract a conscious man and be more connected than ever before, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs and patterns that have held you back in your love life in the past
  • Become aware of self-sabotaging behaviors and fears that keep you playing small and instead consciously choose empowering beliefs that support the love and connection you crave
  • Consciously create space for a relationship that is truly aligned with your authentic self
  • Embody your true essence and dial up your authentic self-expression so that you can own who you are, unapologetically
  • Cultivate self-trust, self-love, and self-worth so that you can consistently make choices that serve you and the relationship you desire
  • Create clarity around what you want, need, and desire and learn how to communicate with confidence so that you can thrive in a healthy relationship
  • Fully own your yes’s and no’s so that you can create a healthy relationship dynamic and foster growth from a place of individuality and togetherness
  • Open yourself up to receive more love, pleasure and abundance so that you can deepen your connections with your person and experience profound intimacy and emotional depth
  • Embrace your sexual self and form a deeply connected sex life by courageously speaking up about what you really want and cultivate greater intimacy and satisfaction by allowing your partner to do the same
  • Learn the foundations of how to continue to grow individually and together in your chosen relationship so that you can evolve together and create a relationship that’s constantly evolving to new levels of depth

ARE YOU READY TO liberate yourself and create what your heart desires?


This isn’t just “another” program, it is a way of being

This is a space for healing and self-discovery for your most authentic liberated self 

This is a space where you get to explore, embrace and express who you really are, beyond shoulds, societal expectations and what earlier love taught you

This is a space where you get to practice being your true self so that you can attract a deeply aligned partnership with a man who values you and celebrates all that you are 

This is a space where you get to integrate, embody and live your learnings so that you can show up unapologetically and confidently as you consciously create your future 

This is a space where you get to learn not only how to attract a conscious partner, but how to build the foundations of forming a deeply fulfilling long-lasting relationship inside and outside the bedroom

I know that entering a new space can feel overwhelming, this is why we have done our utmost to create a journey easy to follow so that you can take the things we teach you, put them into action, and integrate them into your life whilst giving you the guidance and support you need to make a meaningful change that will transform your love life

This is a journey of becoming the woman you always knew you could be whilst witnessing the profound shifts that happen when you navigate your love life, by choosing yourself first

The Courageous Woman is designed to help you radically shift who you attract and how you show up in your love life — in a very doable way

So, rather than throw you in the trenches by expecting you to absorb everything and make this massive overnight transformation, we come together as a community to focus on one theme each month and work through it together, as a community guiding, supporting and celebrating each other every step of the way

How it works


Monthly LIVE Interactive Masterclass

Each month, I will host a live interactive masterclass tailored to the specific theme of the month where I share my core teachings.

This interactive masterclass includes group coaching, embodiment practices, and interactive elements for deeper integration.

During the call, you’ll have the opportunity to share, ask questions and reflect – as this is an important aspect to deepening our learning so that we can embody our newfound knowledge.

You’ll walk away with

  • Knowledge, insights and manageable step for how to integrate the learnings
  • Tools to integrate your newfound wisdom so that you can put your new skills into practice
  • Inspiration, motivation and courage to take the action you know will serve you and the future you desire to create


Monthly LIVE Laser Coaching

This is your opportunity to get personally coached by me, Asa Baav

I know that as we integrate our new learnings, more questions naturally come up so this is your opportunity to ask me anything for deeper support, tailored guidance and abundant energy.

I create an open, safe and loving space for you to share what is on your mind and in your heart and offer the support you need to take the next aligned step in your journey



Monthly Live Breathwork Session

If there is one thing that I have learned as I turned around my love life is that in order to experience deep transformation, you need to move your body as well as your mind.

Each month inside The Courageous Woman, our resident breathwork coach, Mel will guide you through a LIVE SOMA Breath session which will help you drop into your body to experience feelings and sensations safely, to replenish your energy and restore a sense of lightness and freeness from the mind’s hyper activity or brain fog.

It will activate your natural inner pharmacy of feel good hormones, opening the heart and allowing it to return to a deep state of connection, love and calm.


Live intuitive reading

During the monthly Live Intuitive Reading, our resident Intuative Coach, Lilli will create a safe and sacred online space for you to slow down, relax and connect to your own intuition.

Lilli will be using a mixture of tarot and oracle cards as well as her own intuitive downloads to channel clear, healing messages from the Divine. This will be a warm and empowering space to receive messages from your Higher self, Ancestors and Guides and to help you feel supported and held on your journey.


Monthly Women’s Circle

Our women’s circle is created to deepen the bond between ourselves and other women whilst experiencing the profound shifts that happen when sisters come together to connect, empower and witness each other in our unique experiences.

Woman circles allow us to embrace our authenticity, celebrate our strengths, and heal together as we navigate the seasons of transformation.

This is a safe, nourishing and sacred space for shared growth and to come together to share our true selves, express our emotions and feel heard and seen by others on the same journey as us.


Guest Practitioners: Monthly Embodiment Sessions with Female Experts

Join our 12 experts in our Monthly Wild Card Session for a deeper embodiment experience to help integrate your learnings from this month’s theme.

With a new surprise practitioner every month, these sessions have been designed to help us live our learning when it comes to trust, curiosity, and approaching life with an open mind.

All practitioners are part of our trusted and vetted network of EPIC women who are aligned with our mission to initiate women to step into their personal power, freedom, and liberation.

We have had  EFT Tapping, Sex Magic, Embodied Self Love, Somatic Boundary Setting and so much more

Guided in your self leadership towards love, you'll also access

Weekly prompts and resources designed for deeper alignment, integration and personal power

Monthly momentum check-ins to invite in and activate radical change

And you’ll access our Community Chat, a space to connect with other community members and experience the nurturing power of women coming together in the unity of sisterhood.

The Courageous Woman Is A Woman Who...

  • Knows she deserves a deeply connected and committed relationship but has struggled to find it
  • No longer wants to compromise who she is and what she wants for love, quite the opposite… she is ready to meet someone who truly values, celebrates and appreciates her unapologetic self
  • Wants to treat herself with more love, compassion and gratitude so that she can start to embrace who she truly is…no more hiding
  • Desire to consciously create her love life from a place of self-worth so that she can go for what she REALLY want
  • Values deep emotional connections and desires to navigate relationships with an open heart from a place of trust, confidence and curiosity
  • Wants to feel TURNED ON by the life she is living and align with a man who is ready to co-create an incredible future together
  • Is ready to take up space and own who she really is, inside and outside the bedroom
  • Wants to reach her potential in love, embody her feminine energy, lead with vulnerability and create new levels of emotional depth
  • Is ready to take charge of her love life and learn how to consciously create what she really wants

If you’re reading this, nodding your head, and feeling inspired to fully embrace being a COURAGEOUS WOMAN, then you’re in the right place!

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About your hostAsa Baav

Back when I was looking for love, I was stuck in a never-ending loop of self-sabotaging healthy relationships and attracting unavailable men

I would find myself on dates (or in bed) with guys that I knew weren’t right but made me feel SOMETHING (anything was better than my own company).

When I thought I had found ‘Mr Right’ I would mess it up by playing hard to get, being clingy or unconsciously creating a disconnect (because deep down I didn’t think I was worthy of love) I couldn’t get the balance right and I wasn’t being authentic (because I didn’t think I was good enough as I am).

I was behaving in a way that was how I thought I ‘should’. Not a way that was true to me.

I felt lonely and really confused and if I’m being honest… I had given up on the idea of true love ever happening for me. Leaving me to settle or going for the wrong men. (I was very good at looking for love IN THE WRONG PLACES… Sound familiar?)

Fast forward a few years, I left my high-flying cooperate career in PR, took time out to explore myself and what I truly wanted from life and what I wanted in a relationship (and in the bedroom) let’s just say I learned ALOT about myself.

Two years into my own journey I met the man of my life and I made it my mission to help other women turn around their love life too

After 4 years of coaching and with my 1:1 coaching having transformed countless women’s lives around the world.

I wanted to make my teaching more accessible to others who are ready to create a change and consciously call in a deeply connected relationship.

I have taken all that I have learned from my own journey and from coaching hundreds of women around the world and

“created a space where you can access the most profound and powerful teachings that saw 84% of my 1:1 clients meet a conscious man within 12 months.”

and This is how The Courageous Woman was born!

What is the courageous woman?

The Courageous Woman is both a movement and a community of women who share one big vision:

Liberating their True Self and Consciously Creating a Love Life Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

That is right – I work with women who are ready to actualise that big, bold and beautiful vision that they have for their love life (from a place of knowing that they are wildly capable, deeply worthy and so enough of the love they want)

Inside I share the most impactful teachings, methods, and content that I have developed over the past 4 years with my 1:1 clients and as I turned around my own love life.

But I don’t just share what works!

I also bring in some incredible practitioners that I have worked with (both for myself and with my clients) for deeper transformation through embodying your personal power so that you can create all that your heart desires now.

Who is Asa Baav?

Asa Baav is a leading dating, relationship and intimacy coach who initiates high-achieving women to become powerful creators in their love life, and beyond.

Through The Courageous Woman, Asa shared her methods that saw 84% of her 1:1 clients attract a conscious man within 12 months and have infused this journey with what she wishes she had as she turned around her love life over the last 7 years.

Asa shares what works, and this space is filled with her core teachings whilst supporting, guiding and empowering you to step into the limitless possibility of creating everything your heart desires in your love life, and beyond.

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What is included

Dating, Relationship and Intimacy Coaching All-in-One Place!

This is a space where you get real results. If you want ongoing access to tangible, transformative and honest guidance when it comes to consciously creating your love life, whilst immersing yourself in a community of women on the same journey as you.

You’ve come to the right place.

As a member of The Courageous Woman, you get 12 powerful months in Asa’s world where you get to access her method that saw 84% of her 1:1 coaching clients meet a conscious man within 12 months.

But there is more. This is the space where you access all of her core teachings, insights, and practices that have transformed the lives of hundreds of women around the world.

You can’t find this teaching, support and community anywhere else online.



Become a powerful creator by reclaiming your inner power and turning your vision into reality

This 90 day journey is about dissolving limiting beliefs and narratives that have held you back in the past so that you can nurture new empowering and expansive beliefs that support your inner growth journey and the love life you desire

Inside Your First 90-Days As A Member

During your first 90-days as a community member, you get access to Asa’s proven method for transformation: The Powerful Creator Portal.

The Powerful Creator Portal is broken down into three parts:

Part 1. Day 1-30: YOUR POWER

Discover your personal power and how to harness it to create what your heart deeply desires to create in your love life, and beyond

Part 2. Day 31-60: YOUR PATTERNS

End relationship self sabotage once and for all by understanding the patterns that no longer serves you and how to create new ones that will empower the future you want

Part 3. Day 61-90: YOUR PASSIONS

Finally, this is the really juicy part. Align, embody and manifest what you would love to create in your love life and beyond

Sign-up now and start making powerful decisions and aligned action from a big, bold, expansive place of what’s possible for you

The Vault

The Vault is the space where you get access to ALL my teachings and everything you need when it comes to dating, relationships, and intimacy.

This space only launched mid 2023 and already includes a wealth of Workshops, Masterclasses, Embodiment Practices, Workbooks, Blogs, Meditations, and so much more!

We will continue this add more content to the Vault throughout your membership

Here is a sneak peek of what you get to access through The Vault

The Dating Edition

Be The Energy You Want to Attract
How to Make Dating Apps Work for You
The Art of Deep Connection
How to Own Your Sexual Desires in Dating
Plus Expert Interviews
The Radiant Woman: Embrace Your Feminine Energy
And more to come soon!

The Relationship Edition

How to Create a Conscious Relationship
Communication Techniques
My Relationship Needs
Understanding Your Values
Identifying Triggers: My Emotional Self
And more to come soon!

The Sex and Intimacy Edition

Tantric Foreplay
Tantra 101 for singles
Tantra 101 for couples
And more to come soon!

The Healing Space

Inner Child Work
Emotional Release Techniques
Self Soothing Practices
And more to come soon!

The Pattern Lab

Launching Soon!

What Topics Are Covered Each Month?


Consciously Create the Love Life You Desire

Create the vision, align with love and make decisions that serve you and what your heart desires 


Becoming Magnetic

Become a Energetic Match and a Powerful Manifestor from a Place of Knowing that You Deserve the Love you Want


Honoring Your True Authentic Self

How To Be True to Yourself and Your Wants, Needs and Desires


Radiate Love

Elevating Self-Esteem to Attract Your Conscious Partner


Empowering Love Through Boundaries

How Boundaries Will Help You Create Safer, Sexier, and More Connected Relationships


Leading from Your Inner Feminine Energy

Create an inner balance between your masculine and feminine energy, foster genuine connections, deepen the emotional bond and learn how to receive the love you desire.


The Depth of Your Heart

Meet yourself deeper than ever before through the power of presence with your emotional self 


Awakening your Playful Self

Cultivate an environment of self-acceptance and authenticity by awakening joy, Playfulness and Creativity


The Magic of Desire

Awaken Your Sexual and Sensual Self


Building Emotional Resilience

The Secret Ingredient to Activating Change


Unlocking your true potential

Align deeper than ever with your authentic self by embracing your shadow and unconscious mind


 Embrace The Magnificent Woman That You Are

Strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence through the Art of Intentionally Celebrating Yourself 

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  • Creating deep alignment in their love life so that they can attract and grow relationships with a man who truly sees, values and celebrates them for all that they are
  • Life changing self-awareness of their conscious and unconscious mind empowering them to make choices that serve them and the future they want, time and time again
  • Feeling rooted in who they are and what they want bringing unwavering self-belief to their creations
  • Inner intuition and self-trust so that they can navigate their love life from a place of inner truth, authenticity and integrity
  • Navigating their love life from a place of self-worth knowing they deserve the love they want, meaning they attract a whole different caliber of man
  • Embodying their most empowered, liberated and authentic version of themselves, truly living their most unapologetic self
  • Cultivating emotional depth in their chosen relationship cultivating deeper than ever before connections, relationships and futures
  • Embracing their feminine energy and creating an inner balance between their high-achieving nature and their vulnerable and emotional self
  • Emotional liberation by healing old wounds which creates space for the new to flourish
  • Feeling empowered to take aligned action and create new habits that serve them, who they want to become and the relationship they desire
  • Learning the skills to attract and grow a conscious relationship
  • Communicating their needs, boundaries and desires with confidence and clarity
  • Learning to love themselves for ALL that they are—unconditionally!
  • Developing positive habits, beliefs, and patterns in the relationship they want
  • Creating their love life from a place of abundance and inner self-belief
  • Inner peace from a place of feeling more grounded, safe, secure, and confident in their mind, body, and soul
  • Actualisation of the big, bold, and beautiful life vision they have for themselves!

This space if you accessing Asa’s method, practices and guidance for a fraction of what she charges for personal coaching.

Access to this community is worth over £10,000 and is now available to you for only £97 a month or save £194 when you pay upfront

What are you waiting for?

Join our growing community, reclaim your inner power and learn how to consciously create your love life

What you get at a glance:

  • Weekly prompts from Asa
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching
  • Monthly Laser Coaching with Asa Baav
  • Monthly Live Embodiment Practices
  • Monthly Women Circle
  • Access to a Community of incredible women who are committed to their personal growth, healing and empowerment
  • and SO much more


Join for only £97

Or pay upfront and get two months for free

Pay annually for only £940

I deserve this


This is available for women who are more than ready to create radical change in ther love life and who is willing to create deep awareness around what is holding her back so that she can free herself from what no longer serves her.

In short. You get what you put in, this is true for every single coaching journey I facilitated as a coach over the last 4 years turning around women’s love lives all around the world, where over 80% meet their person within 12 months. The Courageous Woman is the space where I give you the tools for creating all that your heart desires – and teach you how to actually get it, keep it and grow it. This a safe, loving and healing space where you get to re-discover yourself from a place of empowerment, self-belief, and a deep knowing that you are worthy of having the love you want. This journey will change your life, if you are ready to truly own this next chapter of your life and make it happen with ease- this is the space to be

You access all the gold of what has been most impactful from 4 years of 1:1 coaching, where over 80% of the women meet their person within 12 months. You access a monthly masterclass where I teach the theme of the month which will be key to your transformation, a monthly live Q&A for tailored coaching, and three embodiment sessions with Asa and her team and a monthly woman’s circle. Plus you get access to the POWERFUL CREATOR ACCELERATOR which will awaken the conscious creator in you so that you can purposely create your love life based on what your heart deeply desires. You will also access Momentum Prompts in the portal, Friday Celebrations AND non-stop value in The Vault where you’ll access all my teachings around dating, relationships and intimacy and so much more. You also get to step into the power of community, where you will be held, cheered up and supported by other incredible women doing the work with one common vision, to create a love life that are wildly passionate about.

We serve a community of busy career women and have made sure that everything is easy to access, digest and embody. On average members spend 15-30 minutes a week in the first 90 days as they access our POWERFUL CREATOR ACCELERATOR. After the initial 90 days, members spend 30-90 minutes a week dedicated to attending the live session, the courses available in the membership and integration fo their learning in the form of inward practices such as journaling, meditating, breathwork, yoga etc

For deeper support, you can upgrade to The Immersive Experience which included a monthly 1:1 coaching session, accountability and mentoring.

The Immersive Experience is £222 a month, on top of your membership.

Asa’s 1:1 coaching packages start from £5,200 for a 6-month so this is a fantastic way to get the most value out of Asa and her teachings whilst being supported by her, her team and the other women in this container. 

The membership starts 3-5 working days after the paymen has been arranged, you will get an email from our team with log in details to the portal so that you can access all the content and the live calls. This is a 12 months membership.

This is a 12 months membership and you can access to all the content for the full duration of your membership

No. This is a 12-month journey and a 12 months commitment. Not only with us but more importantly with yourself. I fully stand by what I have created here and the only reason you won’t see results is if you don’t put the work in. I’m devoted to helping you move to the next level in your love life and I expect you to meet me there by showing up for yourself. To be a Courageous Woman you need to have that ‘all-in’ energy. Are you with me?

Not sure if you are ready to become a courageous woman?

You are ready to step into your courage if:

  • You're ready to TAKE ACTION each month to move towards the love life you desire and actualise the vision you have for yourself 
  • You want support, GUIDANCE and actionable steps to create a deeper connection with yourself, the people you meet on your dating journey and in your chosen relationship month-over-month.
  •  You BELIEVE that you can have more from your love life and you want the access the expertise in order to find it.
  • You’re ready to DO NEW THINGS and break the old patters of what has held you back.

You are NOT ready to step into your courage if:

  • You think a monthly membership will INSTANTLY transform years of self-sabotaging habits in your love life.
  • You’re looking for the QUICK FIX solution - we’ll give you clear action steps, but it does take time and effort
  • You already DECIDED what will and won’t work and aren’t open to new ideas.
  • You are NOT WILLING to take ownership of your life and expect things to change by themself