During This 5 day Challenge I Will Show You….

  • My 5 step method to attract the kind of man that you DESIRE into your life, where you are clearly communicating your needs and getting them met
  • My top two ways on how to cultivate true self-love that no one is talking about, which will transform how you connect emotionally with yourself and your partner
  • The secrets to reclaiming your feminine power and owning what you want in the bedroom
  • The key foundations to creating a conscious relationship and inviting in new depths of love
  • How to spot the early signs of relationship self-sabotaging and how to get out of your own way

Meet your host

You have the power to re-write your love story.

How can I be so sure?

Over the last 5 years I have completely turned around my love life and gone from attracting the wrong men in my life, self sabotaging, believing I was unworthy of love, avoiding intimacy, masking misery and lack of confidence with alcohol.

I faced up to all of that pain, in favor of a nourishing, healing, and wholesome relationship with myself and I attracted my partner and we are now together continuing to create a deeply soul-nourishing and thriving relationship as we co-create our lives. ( and expand our kick as business, yes you get to have love.  AND success)

I used to be where you are right now…

Once I took radical responsibility for what I wanted in my life and when I committed to changing my limiting thoughts that were keeping me unhappy, things massively started to shift and I made it my mission to help other women who were thriving in life but wanted someone to share it with.

I took all of this that I learned and created a method that I teach to help other women deeply satisfying romantic relationships, inside and outside the bedroom.

Fun fact about me!

The book that changed my life was…reading the Yes Man, as someone who loves a challenge I too said yes to everything for a week – leading me to join a dating show on ITV, compete in Bikini Fitness and go for that BIG career promotion as the first female director in my corporate career. Even since I read this book, I promised myself to say YES to life, and I have never looked back….

….AND this summer I was back on ITV This Morning, this time talking about my own company and how I became a thought leader meaningful compatibility and how to create deeply satisfying romantic relationships  #goals


Are you ready to take control of your love life and attract a committed and healthy romantic relationship?